Environment Variables

Run a formula when a specific field on the form is edited

=EDITED_FIELD will return the name of the last edited field. You can reference this to only run a function once a user has tapped or clicked on and off the specified field.

Example: User selects a value from a database in a field named "Customer Name". They want the address to populate from the data source when the Customer Name is selected, but also want to edit that Address after it is populated. This formula will only populate the Address from the data source when the Customer Name field is edited, but once you click or tap on any other field, you can edit the Address field.

=IF(EDITED_FIELD="Customer Name", database("Datasource Name", [Customer Name], "Address"), EDITED_NEWVALUE)

=IF(EDITED_FIELD="Name of field that is being edited", (What you want to run when that field is edited), EDITED_NEWVALUE)

=IF(EDITED_FIELD="Customer Name", [Customer Name], EDITED_NEWVALUE)

Information for the current user

You can use the following formulas to populate the information of the current user in a field on your form.


Form information