Time Formats

To displayUse this format
Hours as 0 through 23h
Hours as 00 through 23hh
Minutes as 0 through 59m
Minutes as 00 through 59mm
Seconds as 0 through 59s
Seconds as 00 through 59ss
Hours as 4 AMh AM/PM
Time as 4:36 PMh:mm AM/PM
Time as 4:36:03 Ph:mm:ss A/P
Elapsed time in hours; for example, 15:02[h]:mm
Elapsed time in minutes; for example, 33:46[mm]:ss
Elapsed time in seconds[ss]

If the format contains an AM or PM, the hour is based on the 12-hour clock, where "AM" or "A" indicates times from midnight until noon and "PM" or "P" indicates times from noon until midnight. Otherwise, the hour is based on the 24-hour clock. The "m" or "mm" code must appear immediately after the "h" or "hh" code or immediately before the "ss" code; otherwise, GoFormz displays the month instead of minutes.