Rounds a number to the specified number of decimals, formats the number in decimal format using a period and commas, and returns the result as text.


FIXED(number, [decimals])

The FIXED function syntax has the following arguments:

  • Number (Required) The number you want to round and convert to text.
  • Decimals (Optional) The number of digits to the right of the decimal point.


Using a negative number in [decimals] is not supported

If you omit [decimals], it is assumed to be 0.


Field 1: 1234.567

Field 2: -1234.567

Field 3: 44.332

=FIXED([Field 1], 1)Rounds the number in Field 1 one digit to the right of the decimal point.1,234.6
=FIXED([Field 3])Rounds the number in Field 3 two digits to the left of the decimal point.44.33