Returns the current date and time. You can change the date and time format for the field by selecting "Formatting" and inserting the format you would like to use. Please refer to "Date Formats" to see your options.

The NOW function is useful when you need to display the current date and time on a form or calculate a value based on the current date and time, and have that value updated every time you create a form.



The NOW function syntax has no arguments.

Best practice would be to use =DateValue(NOW()) to return the serial number for just today's date and time rather than including all the timezone data.


  • GoFormz stores dates as sequential serial numbers so that they can be used in calculations. By default, January 1, 1900 is serial number 1, and January 1, 2008 is serial number 39448 because it is 39,448 days after January 1, 1900.

  • Numbers to the right of the decimal point in the serial number represent the time; numbers to the left represent the date. For example, the serial number 0.5 represents the time 12:00 noon.

  • The results of the NOW function change only when the form is created or when a calculation that contains the function is run. It is not updated continuously.


Formula (Default Value)DescriptionResultFormatting
=NOW()Returns the current date and time.Wed Jun 01 2016 12:49:02 GMT-0700 (PDT)mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm AM/PM
=DateValue(NOW())Returns the serial number of the current date and time42522.5340602546306/01/2016 12:49 PM
=DateValue(NOW())-0.5Returns the serial number 12 hours in the past42522.03406047453606/01/2016 12:49 AM
=DateValue(NOW())+7Returns the date and time 7 days in the future.42529.53406055555406/08/2016 12:49 PM
=DateValue(NOW())-2.25Returns the date and time 2 days and 6 hours ago (-2.25 days ago).42520.2840607060105/29/2016 6:49 AM